Newest Wireless Meat Food Thermometer Kitchen Cooking Tool Oven Grill BBQ Steak Bluetooth Temperature Meter Barbecue Accessories

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Newest Wireless Meat Food Thermometer Kitchen Cooking Tool Oven Grill BBQ Steak Bluetooth Temperature Meter Barbecue Accessories


Food temperature measurement range: -40-100℃

Compatible with BLE4.2, the transmission distance is more than 30 meters

Mobile phone can monitor the grilling process of six probes at the same time

Two operating modes: recipe/target temperature

Stainless steel structure. Waterproof and rustproof, waterproof grade IP6, because the metal structure cannot be put into the microwave oven.

20 minutes fast charging can work for more than 6 hours, it takes about 25 minutes to fully charge, and the base LED is always on when fully charged

PEEK (food-grade)Handle

Withstands up to

Stainless Steel Probe

Withstands up to 212°F

Ambient Temperature Range

-40- 512℉

Internal Temperature Range

-40℉to 212℉/-40℃to100℃

Temperature Accuracy

±1.8˚F (+/-1˚C)

Open air cooking


Cooking in closed environments (i.e. oven)


Max. Internal Temp Resistance


Max. Ambient Temp Resistance


Number of Probethat can be used at once?


Bluetooth Version




Charging time

20 MIN

Battery Life

6-8 Hours

Rated voltage


Power rating


Product size


What's in the box


1*Charging cradle

1*USB Cable

1*User Manual


After the AAA battery is installed on the base, the Bluetooth will be turned off when the probe is placed in the charger deck at the same time. After removing the battery or taking the probe out of the deck, the APP will automatically reconnect, and the data will continue to count when it was disconnected last time. . (Bluetooth signal is not sent when charging).

After charging for more than 5 minutes, press and hold the button and the light does not light up or light up low, indicating that the battery power is insufficient and the battery may need to be replaced. After charging for more than 20 minutes, press and hold the button, and the LED flashes and the LED brightness is bright, indicating that the battery is basically full. When the battery power is low, the charging time may be extended, but it will not affect the normal use of AAA batteries because it is charged by boosting. Therefore, most of them can be used when the battery is completely dead before needing to be replaced.

Take out the probe from the charging base and insert it into the food, the insertion depth must exceed the safety line.

Each grill probe is independent of each other, and the grill mode can be set separately for each probe.

In the recipe setting function menu, the system has set 9 kinds of meat, and their doneness level has also been set, you can also set the grilling time and temperature by clicking the "timer and temperature" icon.

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